Challenger 604

BOMBARDIER Challenger 604

The Bombardier Challenger 604 comfortably seats up to nine passengers. Due to its flexible deployability, it is not only ideally suited for short to medium-range flights but also for transatlantic flights. With a speed of 541 mph, the Challenger 604 compares favorably to even the most modern airliners.
Challenger 604


Length: 68.42 ft
Height: 20.67 ft
Wingspan: 64.33 ft
Max. takeoff weight: 48,200 lb
Max. landing weight: 38,000 lb
Max. range: 4.027 nm
Max cruise altitude: 41,000 ft
Max. speed: 541 mph
Max. payload: 4,815 lb
Delivery: December 2003
Challenger 604


Height: 6.08 ft
Length: 28.42 ft
Width: 7.17 ft
Baggage hold: 141.26 ft³
Challenger 604


  • Day-time configuration for up to nine passengers: six leather seats and one couch
  • Night-time configuration: convertible into up to four full-size comfortable sleeping areas
  • Well equipped galley
  • Generously sized rest room
  • 2 Monitors
  • CD, DVD and Airshow
  • 2 SatCom telephones


  • 1 flight attendant
  • Exquisite selection of food, beverages, and on-board entertainment
Challenger CL 604
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